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Friends only

I've decided to make my journal friends only now. If you want to be added, just comment here or message me saying where you found me. :) Read my profile for more information.
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Friends cut

I finally did the friends cut here on LJ. It's not something I ever like to do, but is necessary to allow me to use the little time I have on LJ best. If you were cut, there are no hard feelings; I just felt we had little connection. I don't mind if anyone asks to be added back, but bear in mind that I am here for more interaction between people, rather than a blog-style "read each other's posts" thing.
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Afghan complete!

Well, I finally completed my afghan blanket last night, and I'm really very happy with it! It's cosy, and it turned out better than I expected. Not bad for my first time using only a written pattern without videos to help!

And here it is!

I've had very good feedback from friends and my lupus support group, and I'm entered into a prize draw with The Crochet Crowd for completing the blanket as part of Mikey's Afghan Club. I wrote more details about the club and giveaway on my crochet blog (here) as well as put a post of my impending crochet projects.

I got the knitting and crochet pattern book as well as some yarn and hooks a few years ago, as I hoped to learn in time for my niece Ellie's birth. Well, Ellie turned 1 last October, and I really just learned to crochet beyond the foundation chain this January! I've taken to it quite quickly, and find it's become second nature a long time before I expected it would. I can't always do it depending on how my hands are behaving, but thankfully they're generally o.k., and it's a good and productive "time-waster". :)

I love creating in general - I write my novel, poetry, lyrics, have a stab at drawing, like to do coding, amateur photography, you get the point! - and so crochet is another outlet of creativity for me. I think people here in the UK might find it a bit weird that a guy does it; I think it's more accepted in North America, for example, but then again, people who know me as gay/bi and that I love cutesy things and write poetry, etc. (and feed into gender stereotypes :P) are not necessarily surprised. :P Now, the hard bit is for me to commit to certain projects because there are just endless options!
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Impending friends cut

Hi, guys. I have a backlog of 100+ entries saved to read through, and because I don't really get on as often as ideally to deal with the number of friends I have added here, which doesn't feel worth it to me if we're not connecting, so unfortunately, I've decided to do a cut of the people I feel I haven't really connected with. There are no hard feelings, especially because I know I haven't necessarily been the most engaging LJer. But basically, I'm here to make friends and connect deeper with people than just have us both reading each other's posts passively and not making comments or anything. It doesn't always happen, and that's fine, but I do just need to trim it down a bit. If you see an "add me" post from me in the near future, it's not because I'm lying to you about not having time, but I am looking for people I click with and can develop friendship with, perhaps beyond LJ as well as on it, so I'm just trying to maximize my experience. I just don't want anyone to feel bad, or as if they weren't good enough. With my health and hobbies, I simply don't have much time to allot to LJ, and think that it'd be more rewarding for both me and my friends here if there's more of a connection. :) Again, no hard feelings!
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On the tail end of feeling quite guilty about how little I'm getting on LJ recently, I'd just like to say that if anyone wants, feel free to add me in various other places if you like, just because if I'm not able to sit and do LJ for a while, I'm more likely to be hanging about other places. I'm not quitting LJ, and it's no substitute for here, but it's nice to have a bit more contact with people and I find it's great to get to know you guys even more through other sites.

  • Add me on MSN Messenger or Email: dionysius@live.de
  • My Facebook here
  • I'm quite bad at Twitter these days, but I'm trying to check it more :P My username is @soul_into_hades
  • My Goodreads if anyone is interested in that.

Just let me know if you add me. Comments are private here. :)
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Do you have any regrets from this year?

None of my own actions stand out to me as something to be regretted. I know it's a cliché, but I believe in looking forward, and if anything has gone wrong in any way, I try to do what I can to change it rather than stewing in regret over it. There are indeed things I regret from the past, but these are mainly big things that had lasting consequences, and nothing this year has been in that league, thankfully!
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Share one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year.

This is very apt, as I'm planning to work on it after I check LJ! I want to finish my novel by the end of the year, not in its completed version, but at least to finish. I don't want to say "first draft" as I don't edit much at all, but there are a few bits here and there that I want to tidy up a bit. I have one whole chapter and a little bit of the current one to go, then the epilogue, and I'm all done! I just better get cracking as there is not long of the year to go and I also have to work on my dissertation. It'll be nice to start my next novel at the start of 2012. :)
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If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

Probably one of various Harry Potter characters, e.g. Severus Snape, Voldemort... :P And well, you know the rest! (Or you know, anyone Ralph Fiennes plays :P)

O.k., explicit stuff aside, there are many I would like to talk with and give hugs to. :)
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What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

I would say getting through high school, not only with the bullying, but in the last two years especially I was dealing with chronic fatigue and the autoimmune conditions, which meant I was sleeping 16 hours a day and missed a LOT of class. Apart from missing the material, that meant I became more alienated from any friends I did have and that combined with the illness took its toll mentally, leading to issues I still have and a suicide attempt at 16. Of course there was puberty on top of all that!

Things get hard now, but I don't think things will ever be as difficult as they were then. I look back and have no idea how I got through it, tbh! I was actually disappointed with my Advanced Higher results (final year of school) but that's my too-high standards! I did well on them and got into uni no problem. :)

O.k., I feel like I'm simply bigging myself up here, so I'll stop! Sometimes I feel like a different person fought through all that, really. :)