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Tanzania 2008 photo post - Part 1 of 5!

As the title suggests, I finally got through my pictures from my desktop computer from our safari trip to Tanzania. My sister Alexx and I went there in 2008 with a bunch of younger people from our school. We had technically left school by the time of the trip, but it was arranged by them, so the others in the group were a year or two younger. We didn't really know any of them, but it ended up o.k. :) In fact, Alexx, I, and a girl Beka ended up glued to each others' hips, haha!

The pictures are not amazing quality; I was nothing of a photographer there, and there's not much time to mess about with settings while on the move through the Serengeti! :P These are the best ones I've picked out (we had over 600), and I'm sorry if any seem to duplicate; there may be a few similar pics.

I've decided this time to post 30 pics at a time, as I've chosen 165 to post. It'll be divided up into 4 posts of 30, and a last one of 35. They were meant to be in quasi-chronological order, but they went up in a different order onto Photobucket, and truth be told, I'm too lazy to fix that up, so there may be some pics of the same thing later on a bit, haha! Enjoy!

This is the first camp we stayed in, in Arusha, Tanzania. Let's just say while there were toilets, the water wasn't exactly running. Alexx and I were still totally freaking out at this stage, thinking "What have we done?" While everyone sat out sunbathing and getting settled, we sat in the tent and cried!

This juice doesn't look very nice, but it was awesome!

3. Photobucket
Coca-Cola! :D

4. Photobucket
Gift shops by the roadside.

5. Photobucket
Africa-dabra! Haha, we only noticed that while looking through these pictures again last night.

6. Photobucket
Rice paddies. I believe this was in the first village we visited.

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket
I don't remember where this is at all.

10. Photobucket
Some of our group played a bit of football (soccer) with the young kids in the village. The Tanzanians were playing barefooted!

11. Photobucket

12. Photobucket
Some sculptures we saw. Men were sitting on the ground with blocks of wood carving them by hand; it was mesmerizing. :) We bought two sculptures that I'll put up closer to the end.

13. Photobucket
The kids were just adorable; they absolutely loved it when we took pictures of them and showed them themselves in the camera!

14. Photobucket
Alexx with kids from the village.

15. Photobucket
This little girl was hula-hooping with this tire :) She was so cute; she kept following us all the way through the village, until she was told to stay behind by an adult. Aww, bless. ^_^

16. Photobucket

17. Photobucket
This picture is adorable and sad at the same time, I think. I actually got to hold a newborn baby in this village. The woman had twins and let us hold them. I was surprised; not sure how comfortable I'd feel with letting random tourists hold my babies! But they were adorable, and the family were lovely. I never thought holding a random Tanzanian baby would be an experience of mine, but there you are! :)

18. Photobucket

19. Photobucket
This is a banana tree :) We got to taste banana beer here - can't say it was very nice though! Then again, there was this seedy foamy stuff on top that they were telling us to blow aside - I wasn't very good at that, so got a mouthful of the bitter stuff!

20. Photobucket
Some paintings for sale. We bought one showing three Maasai women, but I don't have a picture. We also bought some cloths, and Alexx bought a bag and a scarf. I'll have to take some pictures of them at some point.

21. Photobucket
The Serengeti

22. Photobucket
The birds were just lovely :)

23. Photobucket

24. Photobucket

25. Photobucket

26. Photobucket
He didn't look up at me while the camera was out, haha.

27. Photobucket

28. Photobucket

29. Photobucket
Spot the giraffe! :P

30. Photobucket

I'll work on Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5, and link the previous parts to each new entry. I hope you enjoy them. :)



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Sep. 1st, 2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
I bet that was an interesting visit and I like the artwork.

I have a question. In the picture #9, the designs on the windows ... is that metal on the windows or is it paint?

Ooooohhh #28 ... lion .... pretty. I like lions. Well, I like all animals really but lions are cool. LOL
Sep. 1st, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
It was an interesting visit indeed :)

I have no idea about the house. I can't even remember seeing it! I think I may have just taken the picture as we went past or stopped, so sorry, no idea :L

There are more animal pics in the other parts, which I'm working on :)
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 1st, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
That's awesome; apart from Egypt, I had no particular interest to visit Africa, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. And it was well worth it :)
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