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Tanzania 2008 photo post - Part 4 of 5!

The penultimate part of my Tanzania photo post. Find previous parts here; Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

91. Photobucket
Here's one of the sculptures I bought. I took these last night specifically to show here. :)

92. Photobucket
A very unclear view of my elephant sculpture.

93. Photobucket
View from the airplane.

94. Photobucket
It looks like snoooooooooow :D

95. Photobucket
Landing in Nairobi airport.

96. Photobucket

97. Photobucket
More pictures of Ngorogoro Crater.

98. Photobucket

99. Photobucket
Yay, lizard! :) Unfortunately in the hotel there was one like this, and we had to go to reception to ask for it to be taken out. We thought they'd take it outside, but the guy speared with something like a fire poker. :(

100. Photobucket
This picture reminds me of "man's red flower" from the Jungle Book, even though that was fire! :P

101. Photobucket

102. Photobucket
More hippos!

103. Photobucket
The Serengeti.

104. Photobucket
Haha, she was sitting right by the trucks, and wasn't even fussed, so it was nice to get this picture where she is looking directly at me.

105. Photobucket

106. Photobucket

107. Photobucket
Aww, kitty is relaxing :D

108. Photobucket

109. Photobucket

110. Photobucket
I wish we could have gotten closer to these elephants :(

111. Photobucket
Mufasa seriously sat there the whole time like "meh". :D

112. Photobucket

113. Photobucket
This is the closest we got to a leopard! Even some of the guides had never seen a leopard this close, and they were from Tanzania! Sadly, there are fewer and fewer leopards in the wild :(

114. Photobucket
There's a cheetah somewhere in that tree :) Like the leopards, they were difficult to find, but we definitely saw more of the cheetah than the leopard.

115. Photobucket
There he is :)

116. Photobucket
I think this is a baby eland or something, not 100% sure.

117. Photobucket
Zebra crossing!

118. Photobucket

119. Photobucket

120. Photobucket
This is a hyrax.



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Sep. 1st, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
I was like, *scroll scroll scroll* HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LION.

So amazing. Someday I will balls up and go to Africa.
Sep. 2nd, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
Wow, just... wow.
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